Living with ALS



Mike Rayl




Welcome to my journey through life so far! Journey with me as I reflect on my life before and after my diagnosis for ALS. Written not in chronological order but as remembered in an exciting journey of reflection of a life lived to the fullest!!! This is due to the fact that I am also bipolar and wish to experiment and come up with my own unique style of writing … Keep in mind as you read this that I am typing this with only the use of my left thumb, stylus and a mouse !!! 


I am using 4 computer devices to write this book, a Dynavox Vmax with EyeMax, An Ipod Touch 5G, a Google Nexus 7 Tablet 2nd Gen and a Toshiba Laptop running Win 7 Ultimate 64 OS … I am presently on my Dynavox with  a rolling bed mount in bed on 01/01/2014. The Dynavox is a touch screen computer  running Win 7  with  2 amazing features, communication software that speaks for me since I can't and EyeMax system  that allows me to  operate it with blinks of the eye if and when I need it!!!


 With the exception of the EyeMax feature the Dynavox is rapidly becoming obsolete, because of new technology of Ipods, smartphones, tablets !!! My Ipod and tablet speak for me also and are easier to use and carry around !!!