Living with ALS

By Mike Rayl

Steven’s Birth

Let me just say, it was the happiest day of my life up until that time when my son Steven was born!!! He was the most active little toddler ever … He was truly the real Bam Bam, from the cartoon the Flintstones, immortalized!!! He was the cutest little guy, a joy to be his father…
I was a member of the Child Cultural Institute, part of Rosicrucian University, of AMORC. And Steven was a Rosicrucian Baby… Before he was born we would play classical music, read inspiring stories, and follow the Child Cultural Institute’s Workbook, for bringing, the most highly evolved soul possible into this world!!! He was a special child of promise… It seem to work, Steven is a highly evolved human, In the top 5% of intelligence, with no additions to drugs or alcohol, a  compassionate, faithful, loving and caring Individual !!!
It is so wonderful being Steven’s father, I am so proud of him… Steven and I took karate together, he really excelled as far as he could without having to fight much. He really disliked the fighting aspect, but he had the discipline and moves down, being and enlightened human and non-violent!!! I was his home school teacher, then he went to a new charter high school, he was a self starting, motivated student, so my job was easy as teacher… He excelled from the moment he started preschool!!! He was bored and being teased at grade school so I researched home schooling. I ARRIVED AT THE CONCLUSION home schooling was the best option and Steven and my wife agreed!!! He went on to receive a BS degree in Computer Science from UCI, where I always wanted to attend…`
Being that times were tuff and jobs in all areas were few, when a friend offered him a job on the east coast in Pennsylvania, he jumped at the chance!!! Not long after he invited his girlfriend Beth to join him… Then on 11/11/11 they were married here in California!!!